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Lecture on “Division of Housework, Equity Perceptions, and Marital Satisfaction in Transitional China”
release time:2016-12-28

Lecture on “Division of Housework, Equity Perceptions, and Marital Satisfaction in Transitional China”

Date: December, 28th, 2016

Venue: Room 2026, North Main Building

Language: Chinese

Participants: Staff and students from SSDPP

Speaker introduction: Yang Lijun, Lecturer of School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University. Main research areas: analysis of labor market, industrial structure and social stratification, analysis of employment and salary policy, distribution and characteristics of low income groups, family structure and poverty, floating population and non-mainstream economic, social demography, the formation of marriage, family and child, the effects of poverty, life cycle application of statistical analysis, and quantitative research methods.

Introduction: In the current background of marriage and family satisfaction continuing to decline, scholars who study marriage satisfaction in different cultural backgrounds believe the influence factors to be different. Domestic researches barely include individual opinions of family division, while foreign scholars consider it an important intermediary variable.

The lecture introduces a study based on the 2012 Chinese General Social Survey, which explores the relationship between the division of housework and marital satisfaction. For male, the traditional of "male works and female charges housework" is positively related to marital satisfaction; while, on the contrary, with the impact of gender awareness, the traditional division of housework and marital satisfaction showed a departure trend. The research also proves that the traditional family division of labor has an impact on marital satisfaction through the mediating variable of "women's unequal experience".



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