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Lecture on “Rethinking the Family Perspective of Public Policies”
release time:2016-12-14

Lecture on “Rethinking the Family Perspective of Public Policies”

Date: December, 14th, 2016

Venue: 2026, North Main Building

Language: English & Chinese

Participants: Staff and students from SSDPP

Speaker: Professor Xu Xiaoxin

Introduction: The concept of "family" is complex, and there are cultural differences. Foreign scholars believe that the family means the "core family" which only consists parents and minor children, Chinese scholars believe that the family is kinship or adoptive relationship based cohabitation cooking property units; in the traditional China, due to marriage, kinship, residence, residence and family identity factors, the concept of family became more complex. "Family policy" is a concept used frequently but lack of general consensus, its original definition is "taking the family as the object and purpose of the policy"; scholars believe that the policies designed with the concept of "family unit" would on the contrary destroy the family. Therefore, paying more attention to the influence of policy on the family, rather than design policies in the unit of family, will be more like an evaluation perspective of policy.

Dr. Xu compared the tax amounts in "not divorce" and "divorce" family state to intuitively present the "marriage price". He suggested that the impact of public policy on the family is almost everywhere — to resolve the contradiction between the importance of contemporary families and weakening family capacity, it requires family policy support. In the real world, many public policies, which are not directly related to family affairs, have an important influence on families, too.


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