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Lecture on “Passive Smoking and Pancreatic Cancer”
release time:2017-01-04

Lecture on Passive Smoking and Pancreatic Cancer”

Date: January, 4th, 2017

Venue: Room 2026, North Main Building

Language: Chinese

Participants: Staff and students from SSDPP

Speaker Introduction: Dr. Liang Xiaoyun, Assistant Professor in School of Social Development and Public Policy, research directions include health policy and chronic disease epidemiology.

Introduction: According to statistics, only 16% of the world's population is under the protection of smoke-free laws; smoking will bring a series of heart and brain related diseases and affect the health of children. Pancreatic cancer is the king of cancer, five year survival rate of only 7%, so the importance of preventing pancreatic cancer is self-evident. This lecture introduces a study based on the Women's Health Initiative data of 71532 50-79 menopause women. The study found that smoking increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. while the relationship between passive smoking and the incidence of pancreatic cancer is still not clear.


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